Charting the Path to Blockchain Evolution

Phase 1: Foundation and Community Building

  • Establish the Nexus Chain Wrapped Token (wNexus) as a foundational element of decentralized governance.

  • Foster engagement and participation through community events, discussions, and collaborations.

  • Develop educational resources and materials to promote awareness and understanding of the wNexus Token / Nexus Exchange / Nexus DAO platform / NFTs & marketplace / Nexus Chain.

Phase 2: Platform Development and Enhancement

  • Build and launch a user-friendly and intuitive interface of Nexus DAO Platform, Nexus Chain Scanner, Testnet and Nexus Centralised Exchange for community engagement.

  • Beta Release for Nexus Exchange, DAO platform & launch of Nexus Guardian NFTs, NFT Marketplace

  • Create a Initial Sale and Launch of Nexus token (wNexus) at BSC.

  • Create a Initial Sale and Launch of Nexus token (wNexus) at ETH.

  • Launch of Staking Dapp

  • Launch of Nexus Bridge (BSC-ETH-Nexus Chain)

  • Continuously enhance the platform based on user feedback and evolving industry needs.

  • Integrate advanced features on each platform.

  • Ensure scalability and security of the platform to accommodate the growing user base.

  • Onboard Brand Ambassador for Nexus Chain

  • Public launch of Nexus Exchange based on 3 countries (Central America + Asia)

  • Release of Nexus Chain Testnet

Phase 3: Ecosystem Expansion and Partnerships

  • Forge strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, decentralized applications, and industry influencers.

  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations to expand the reach and impact of the Nexus Chain Ecosystem.

  • Foster interoperability with other blockchain networks to enable seamless integration and cross-platform functionalities.

  • Explore opportunities for token utility and use case expansion, such as governance in specific industries or sectors.

Phase 4: Global Adoption and Impact

  • Drive widespread adoption of the Nexus Chain Coin/ Exchange/ Platform/ Nexus Chain by attracting users from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations.

  • Actively engage with regulators, policymakers, and industry stakeholders to promote the benefits and legitimacy of decentralized governance.

  • Showcase successful case studies and real-world applications of the Nexus Chain Native Coin / Exchange / Chain / Dao Governance Platform to inspire confidence and encourage further adoption.

  • Continuously innovate and evolve the Nexus Chain ecosystem to stay at the forefront of decentralized governance, driving positive change on a global scale.

  • Roadmap 2.0

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